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U Shape Chargeable Battery Remote Control Parking Space Protector

  • U Shape Chargeable Battery Remote Control Parking Space Protector
  • U Shape Chargeable Battery Remote Control Parking Space Protector
  • U Shape Chargeable Battery Remote Control Parking Space Protector
  • U Shape Chargeable Battery Remote Control Parking Space Protector
  • U Shape Chargeable Battery Remote Control Parking Space Protector
Model No.︰BY-1
Brand Name︰Koten
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 66 / pc
Minimum Order︰10 pc
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Product Description

I. Dimensions and weight:

Dimensions: length 460mm width 410mm height: 410mm (rise) 85mm (down)

Weight: 10.5Kg/pcs

Note: 410mm can effectively prevent the rising height of chassis high cross-country vehicle non normal sail; drop height 85mm can be applied to the lower chassis car parked without being scraped vehicle chassis.

II. Main components

Deceleration system - - - - - - - using the turbine worm reducer principle, than that of the common straight tooth gear running more smoothly, so that the motor load is smaller, can save power, reduce the failure rate of products.

Control system - - - - - - - using imported IC chip, low energy consumption, long standby time and other advantages; at the same time, with alarm function, low voltage, electrode reverse protection, intelligent collision detection, automatic reset and other advanced features.

Transmission system - - - - - - - parking lock all rotating parts, all the installation of bearings, and provided with the bearing sleeve seat, let the motor running more easily ( the first )

Power system - - - - - - - domestic parking lock industry only a uses the waterproof motor motor energy-saving patent, patent number: ZL 200820094288.3 30W power motor drives the parking lock power of 13.5W ( the actual operating current: activated 1.12A ~ 1.2A, normal standby current 0.8A ), which avoids the design of motor power excessive energy consumption, and get rid of the motor power is too small to large load operation, so that the motor has a good range of load.

Steel shaft - diameter of 17mm drive shaft in the parking lock industry is rare, sufficient to allow users to use 30 ~ 50 years not bad.

The host shell using the 2.8-3.0mm GB high-quality cold-rolled steel plate with abrasive to suppress, enough to bear 3 tons of cars rolling; at the same time in the production process, after antirust processing after spray paint ( the modern car paint process ), so that the parking lock in the rain and sun will not fade. Internal use mold Schomburg plastic accessories, no rust any menace from the "rear".

III. Design concept

3.1, the appearance of the atmosphere

Our parking lock in appearance on the Chinese traditional idea, combined with customer demand, shape and color looks atmosphere and luxurious; in order to give the steady feeling. Products using high-grade paint, has strong rigidity, high wear-resistant, smooth and shiny features; parking lock lift arm height 410mm, length of 460mm. The parking lock up state, can prevent all kinds of cars and SUV into real, effectively prevent the parking spaces occupied by other vehicles. Patent No.: ZL 201030688625.4

3.2, the intelligent lock bits (complex )

lock parking spaces in the up or down the state, with the exception of the master other forces can not be permanently changed its original state; parking lock was forcibly press or knocked down, parking lock can send out alarm sound, three sound the alarm, the motherboard intelligent detection force whether to terminate, if the termination, the lifting arm automatic restitution; if not stopped, continue to alarm, until after the external force disappears, parking lock is automatically reset. If the owner mis-operation up remote control button, so that the lifting arm collision of automobile chassis or other external force, the motherboard will detect the action of external force, static alarm sound after three automatically fall back in situ. It achieved a very good intelligent anti-collision function, we are the first one who adopt the motherboard detection intelligent anti-collision function parking lock, is entirely not crash, crash and the spring half anti-collision parking lock escalation of products.

3.3, waterproof design

Our parking lock transmission part of the waterproof motor and electronic control system for a waterproof seal, so that the parking lock in the rain soaked under the condition of normal work.

3.4, the bearing to rotate

In order to reduce friction, improve product stability, the parking lock using bearing transmission; bearing rotates so that the parking lock in the running process of the noise to a minimum to reduce motor and batteries, the extension of motor load and service life of battery.

3.5, security design

Our parking lock using plate buckle arranged fixed screws, in addition to the user can be opened by a key, other people will not be able to remove parking lock; the outside can not see the mounting screw, so as to play the role of anti-theft and aesthetic effect.

3.6, press proof design

The lifting arm close to the host shell design, in a parking lock down state, not to be pressed into the vehicle; it is not easy to be bent or damaged lifting arm pressure inside the host accessories. The host shell of a thickness of 2.8 -- 3.0mm steel sheet resistance is strong.

3.7, pushing pulling power

Our company is in the current parking lock parking lock industry only by pushing pulling power supply design, to facilitate customer charging installation, but also avoids the user to install the battery when the electrode reaction caused by short circuit;

3.8, security design

Parking lock, internal is moulded, and to facilitate the client identification to prevent counterfeiting.

3.9, simple installation

Just a bit by a plate buckle playing four holes, install the expansion screw fixing plate buckle, the host of a button on the line.

IV. After sale service

Warranty period: the whole year warranty (which the motor, drive shaft and gearbox warranty for a period of 5 years, life-long maintenance)

V. Performance parameter

Working mode: remote control (remote control distance of 30-50m depending on the specific environment)

Work environment: - 35 ~ 60 degrees

Working current: power supply DC6V-7AH

Operating current: 0.8-0.86A

Standby current: less than 0.4 Ma

Standby time10--12 months

Source: normal work time 4-6 months

Lifting speed: 4-5 seconds

VI. Other function

Voltage shortage prompting function - - - - - - the parking lock power supply voltage less than 4.5V, parking locks will have low tone, prompting to the rechargeable power supply.

Electrode reverse protection function - - - - - - - board design with electrode reverse protection program, power and the motherboard is negative, reverse nor the motherboard burn.

Price Terms︰Ex Works Shenzhen
Payment Terms︰T/T, Money Gram, Western Union, Pay pal
Packing︰each Packed in carton, several cartons in one pallet
Lead Time︰5-12days
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